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Singleton High School

 Welcome to Singleton High School

Singleton High School is a large comprehensive rural high school in the Tamworth education area. The high school is adjacent to the King Street Primary School, and on the same site as the Singleton Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Campus of the Hunter Institute of Technology. The school has as its charter: A Learning Community fostering the talents of all students for a better future. The school has a comprehensive curriculum offering a diverse range of traditional subjects and dual accredited vocational education courses within the school as well as providing access to TAFE delivered Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses at Singleton TAFE. The school's focus is to enhance the educational opportunities for all students. To this end we have developed explicit models of Quality Teaching, models for improving literacy and numeracy and innovations in authentic assessment for Year 10. We have developed an interdisciplinary curriculum for Year 7 which involves an investigative learning approach. The success of the schools Gifted and talented program includes a year 7 Enrichment class and Summit mentoring program to support students reaching their goals. Strong links have been fostered with sister schools in Takahata, Japan and global partnerships with India and China. Students also have opportunities to be involved in global excursions to Japan, USA and an Asian destination for cultural and community engagement tours. Singleton High School integrated STEM based teaching with in many KLA's. The Ka Wul Aboriginal Cultural Resource Centre has received National recognition for the embedded Aboriginal programs within the school. The Clontarf program was established in 2016. The school colours are royal blue and sky blue. The sporting houses are Burdekin (blue), Elliott (yellow), Howe (red) and Munro (green). The Year 7 class names for 2019 are Amaroo, Barbagallo, Calder, Gilgandra, Ironbark, Mallala, Palmyra & Sandown.​

 Sign in for access & email addresses

Staff and students please sign in on this SharePoint using NSWDoE credentials in the form of first.last@DETNSW Student email addresses are Staff email addresses are When accessing Google Apps or Google+ websites, staff must use, however there is no email associated with this address.​

 Bell Times & Term Dates

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
9:00am Roll call p1
9:00am Period 1
10:08am Period 2
11:11am Break 1
11:41am Period 3
12:44pm Period 4
1:47pm Break 2
2:17pm Period 5
3:20pm Home

Sport Thursday
(yr 8,9,10)

9:00am Roll call p1
9:05am Period 1
10:08am Period 2
11:11am Break 1
11:41am Period 3
12:44pm Break 2
1:14pm Period 4
2:17pm Home (meetings)
3:20pm Bus Pickup

Roll Call p1
Period 1
Period 2
Break 1
Period 3
Period 4
Break 2
Period 5
Term Dates (2019)

School Development Days: First day of Term 1; first day of Term Two; first day of Term 3.
Term 1: Tuesday 29th January - Friday 12th April
(NB: students return: Yr 7 Wed 30th Jan, Yr11&12 Thu 31st Jan, all years Fri 1st Feb)
Term 2: Monday 29th April - Friday 5th July
(NB: students return Tuesday 30 April)
Term 3: Monday 22nd July - Friday 27th September
(NB: students return Tuesday 23rd July)
Term 4: Monday 14th October - Friday 20th December
(NB: students finish Wednesday 18th Dec)
Term Dates (2020)
NB includes school development days which are non attendance days for students

Term 1: 28/1/2020-9/4/2020
Term 2: 27/4/2020-3/7/2020
Term 3: 20/7/2020-25/9/2020
Term 4: 12/10/2020-18/12/2020

Official Term Dates (NSWDEC link)
Official NSW Public Holidays (NSW Dept Industrial Relations link)

 Connecting to wifi at Singleton High School

​Wifi at Singleton High School is provided through DETNSW access points. Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are used (however this may NOT be the case at other high schools, where access is often restricted to the 5GHz band). Students and staff must use first.last@detnsw as the username to connect to the wifi. If a Security Certificate is offered it MUST be accepted. If the password has expired, the device may fail to connect to the wifi network.

Proxy configuration is done through a PAC file. This should be automatically provided to a device through the DHCP server, however if necessary the following PAC string can be entered manually: If a device does not use PAC to configure the browser, the proxy server address can be entered, however this should be avoided wherever possible.

The proxy server is port 8080. A device that does not allow for proxy access cannot be used on the school network. Proxy authentication must be turned on, using DEC credentials first.last@detnsw and password. If the password has expired, the device may fail to connect to the internet.

TL;DR Wifi & proxy login first.last@detnsw PAC string​c or use port 8080

 Technologies Available at Singleton High School

​Click on the links below to find out more about some of the technologies available at Singleton High School. Note that many of the li​nks will require authentication using NSWDoE credentials, Singleton High School staff and students only.
Email & Portal
​NSWDoE provide all students and staff with a secure portal with access to a variety of online apps and facilities including webmail.
Wifi, Internet & BYOD
​Students and staff are welcome to bring their own devices to use on the school wifi system. An access point ha​s been installed in every classroom. At Singleton High School this wifi supports both 2.4 and 5GHz. Access to internet resources is only available through the authenticated proxy using NSWDoE credentials in the form first.last@detnsw
Main NSWDoE website
This is the main website for the NSWDoE
Main school website
​This is the main website for Singleton High School, with critical information for students, parents and staff.
​Google Drive & Apps (G-suite)

​Students and staff have free access to unlimited storage in Google Drive and a range of online apps. Both staff and students use to access G-suite.

Students and staff are able to use their Google credentials for any website that uses G+ authentication eg CodeAcademy

Microsoft OneDrive & Office365
Students and staff have free access to 16GB storage in Microsoft OneDrive and a range of online apps. Log in using NSWDoE email address.
​Adobe Creative Cloud
​Students have free access to Adobe Creative Cloud. Staff can access Creative Cloud for $12.50 per annum. Students access through the Learning tab on the student portal.
Microsoft Office 2016
Students and staff are able to install Microsoft Office 2016 for free on up to 5 desktop or laptop computers, as well as up to 5 tablets or smartphones. Students access through the Learning tab on the student portal​.​
SHS ​Moodle
​This is the main learning management system (LMS) that is used at Singleton High School. Students and staff are able to log in using their NSWDoE credentials in the form first.last. Teachers may restrict access to individual courses with a one-time passcode.
SHS Sharepoint
​This is the main sharing location for information about Singleton High School for students, parents and staff. Students and staff are able to access restricted areas using their NSWDoE credentials in the form first.last@detnsw
​ Clickview
​A vast collection of video materials, many of which have associated workbooks. Teachers are also able to access recordings from free to air TV for the past week through their Workspace.
Students are able to print from any school computer provided that they have printing credit (purchased from the front office). Photocopiers in the Library and Ka Wul are available for students to use, including scanning. Staff may also release student print jobs at any photocopier.
Anonymous ​
​This is the school library system. Click on Anynymous Access to visit the Oliver system without loggin in. Click on Authenticated Access to see your personalised messages and loans.
Weather station
The school weatherstation has been providing weather information to the Singleton community for over 10 years.
School App

The Singleton High School app is available for Apple and Android devices. Search the app store of your device for "Singleton High School" or use the following links:



School Sign
The electronic information sign on the corner of York Street and King Street is used to convey important information to the Singleton community.
Computer Labs
Computer labs with class sets of Macintosh and Windows computers are located in A1, M5, M8, M9, T8, F1 & the upper library. Computers have Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and a variety of useful software, all managed by a centralised computer imaging and software distribution system.
Technology Pods
Secure charging cabinets with Chromebooks, Windows netbooks and centrally managed iPads are strategically located around the school in English, Home Science, HSIE, Languages, Maths & PDHPE. These are available to teachers for use with classes. 
This is our main student welfare and reporting system. Students and parents are able to log in to view timetables and limited incident information, as well as biannual school reports.
SMS Absence Messaging Parents are advised via SMS of the absence of their child from roll call at about 10am each day. Parents may then reply to the SMS with a reason for the absence. This is then recorded against the official roll.
Please note that this SMS cannot be used for general messages to the school.
Fileserver U: drive
​All students and permanent/temporary staff have a 1GB network storage location called U: drive. If students or staff move to a new school a new, empty U: drive will be created on the eT4L fileserver at their new school. The old U: drive may continue to be available for a short while at
• NNNN is the school code eg 8202
• _detID is the DET username prepended by the underscore character eg. _jane.smith99
Other Fileserver drives
​Other network drives that are available to authenticated students and staff are listed below:
M: StudentShared
P: Collaboration
R: StaffData (staff only)
S: Network_Applications
T: Faculty (staff only)
​Adobe Connect
​Adobe Connect is a web conferencing system that is available for all staff and students to use. Any staff member is able to set up an Adobe Connect session by logging in to the Adobe Connect management page on the staff portal.
In order to join an Adobe Connect conference a browser with Flash Player enabled is required, or the appropriate client application can be installed on the user's computer.


School Bytes
​The school uses the School Bytes service to send individualised email messages to parents and caregivers, including customised accounts and reminders. Parents and caregivers are asked to advise the front office if email address details are changed.


 Evacuation & Lockdown

Evacuation procedures
A continuous whooping siren with voice over instruction (male). "All persons onsite are to move to the muster area (back oval) via the nearest available exit and remain in this area until the all clear has been indicated".

Lock down procedures
A continuous beeping siren with voice over instruction (female). "Stay in the room you are in, or move to the nearest room & lock the door. All mobiles are to be switched off, other than teaching staff, as a text message will need to be sent to 0439 973 271 indicating location, numbers and identification. A message will then be sent at the end of the lockdown".
 Emergency Evacuation Officers

Tim Merrick (HSIE) Warden
Jason Kolatchew (DesignEngTech) Warden

 About Our School

Principal: Ms Jo Scott
Deputy Principal: Mr Paul Gauci
(Yr8, Yr11, strategic direction #2)
Deputy Principal: Mrs Tracey Holloway
(Yr7, Yr10, strategic direction #3)
Deputy Principal: Mr Luke Rosser
(Yr9, Yr12, strategic direction #1)
#1: Inspired Teaching
#2: Engaged Learners
#3: Empowered Communities

Year Advisors 2019
Year 12: Mrs M.Bagnall, Ms M.Smith
(HT L.Mullen, D.Welsh)
Year 11: Mrs C.Koletsis-Tatt, Ms C.Trimble
(HT M.Huntington, K.Prudence)
Year 10: Ms A.McBride, Mr M.Edwards
(HT B.Berman, J.Johns)
Year 9: Ms V.Neech, Ms A.Minns
(HT D.Cowmeadow, N.Mulvihill)
Year 8: Mr L.Davis, Ms R.Said
(HT C.Bendeich/R.Hoskins, K.Shaw)
Year 7: Mr R.Prudence, TBA
Year 7: 2020 TBA
Transition Coordinator: Mark Henderson
Head Teacher Wellbeing 9,10,12: Miss Clare Trimble
Head Teacher Wellbeing 7,8,11 Miss Dayna Cowmeadow
School Learning Support Team Coordinator: M.Huntington
School Counsellors: Ms Ange Grant (Tue,WedB), Mr Andrew Moore (Wed,Thu), Mr Steven Wooster(Mon)
Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO):  Ren Barnett
Ka-Wul Coordinator: Jo Vinson

School Captains 2019
Captains: Charlotte Smith-Hughes, Isaac Barry
Vice Captains: Sophie-May Ryan, Aidan Sargent

P&C 2018
President: Cheryl Holz
Vice President: Kirsty Bates
Secretary: Cynthia Mulholland
Treasurer: Jane Watson

Head Teachers/Program Managers
English - Mr D.Welsh
Maths - Mrs K Prudence
Science/Ag - Mrs L.Mullen
CAPA - Mrs J.Johns
HSIE/Languages - Mr B.Berman
PDHPE - Mrs C. Mansfield and Ms. R. Hoskins (relieving)
Design Eng Tech - Mr J.Kolatchew
Home Economics & Technology - Mrs K.Shaw​
VET and Careers- Ms A.Phillips
Special Education - Ms K.Strachan
Teaching & Learning - Ms M.Huntington
Student Engagement - Ms D.Cowmeadow
Admin Students - Mr N.Mulvihill and Mr D.Higgins (relieving)
Teacher Librarian - Mr M.Gray
Careers Advisor - Ms A.Phillips/Mr M.Henderson
Aboriginal Education Coordinator. - Ms J.Sunerton
Band Coordinator - Mr M.Edwards, Mrs R.Luscombe
GATS Coordinator - Mrs L.Mullen
Sport Coordinator - Mr D.Higgins
SRC Coordinator - Ms D.Cowmeadow
School Admin Manager - Mrs M.Richardson
Business Manager - Ms K.Feeney
Workplace Health & Safety
Mr G. Cameron (Design Eng Tech) WH&S Representative
Mr T.Merrick (HSIE) WH&S Deputy
Mr P. Gauci WH&S Chairperson

Singleton High School staff list
NSWDEC Intranet link,​​​​